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Cultural Attraction Trends to Look for in 2024

In the new year, keep an eye out for some of the movements that are shaping our industry. 

  • The revival of physical stores is offering unique, immersive in-store experiences. 
    • SSA’s Community Tables and Marketplace concepts make the shopping experience a destination event 
  • With discretionary spending decreasing, companies are finding it important to educate guests on where their dollars are going. 
    • SSA is doing this through Your Purchase Matters, mission-driven products and supplying retail from local and small businesses.
  • Net Zero is a buying factor — guests are voting for sustainable goods with their wallets. 
    • SSA’s sustainable custom apparel approach ensures at least 50% of our partners’ apparel programs are sustainably printed  
Retail Trends
  • Healthy foods continue to drive purchases. 
    • Including seafood alternatives, plant-based foods, healthier dessert options like chocolate-dipped bananas, and more. 
  • Consumers continue to demand more than concessions – they want higher quality choices and Instagrammable moments. 
  • Soda alternatives are driving revenue. 
    • Including flavored sparkling water, kombucha and sparkling fermented teas. 
        Culinary Trends
        • Cultural attractions are creating unique experiences to drive higher admissions. 
        • AI is influencing dynamic ticket pricing, helping to mitigate peak attendance times and offering pricing that invites more guests to visit. 
        • One-click ticket purchasing is driving increased attendance and promoting bundled offerings. 
            Admissions Trends
            • Digital POS is informing how guests process payments, with friction being removed with every tech innovation. 
            • Companies are tasked with incorporating seamless digital integration without taking away from the in-person experience. 
            • Generative AI is entering the scene, seen in places like waste reduction, storytelling and accessibility. 
                Digital Trends
                Climate Action
                • Global brands are looking for new ways to reduce waste 
                  • Mars has introduced compostable packaging for M&Ms, and Skittles has employed vending machines that eliminate packaging. 
                • Businesses are going electric 
                  • At SSA, our Climate Action Plan is working to move kitchen to electric, with an estimated 15-60% savings in energy consumption costs. 
                • We’re seeing more vertical and container farms 
                  • Increasingly, consumers want to know where their food is coming from. Container farms require a smaller footprint and ensure full transparency in product sourcing. 
                  Climate Action Trends
                  IDEA + Belonging
                  • Cognitive Diversity is being incorporated into training and development 
                    • Cognitive Diversity is the inclusion of different problem-solving styles and perspectives. 
                  • Diversity initiatives are full steam ahead and requiring ACTION and DATA to prove impact 
                    • SSA partner Behavioral Essentials is leading the industry with comprehensive, data-based development and retention tools to cultivate a thriving workforce. 
                  • AI and ethical AI practices are becoming topics of discussion and implementation. 
                          IDEA + Belonging Trends
                          SSA is your partner in bundled services and beyond, creating guest-centric experiences that are poised for the future.

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