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A Culinary Highlight: Chef Matthew Beaudin at Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival

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Over the weekend, the celebrated Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival became a stage for Chefs from across California, including SSA Group's Chef Matthew Beaudin showcasing their commitment to culinary excellence. In the midst of luxury and the breathtaking backdrop of Monterey's coast, Chef Matt delivered an unforgettable gastronomic experience. 


Chef Matt’s menu featured standout dishes, including the crowd favorite, Preserved Lemon Pie Bites and rich Butterscotch Bourbon Pork Belly. These creations not only delighted the palates of attendees but also embodied SSA Group's core principles of innovation and culinary excellence. 


Our pride in Chef Matt’s achievements at this prestigious event is immense. His culinary prowess not only elevated the festival experience but also highlighted SSA Group's dedication to setting the bar higher in the world of culinary arts. Chef Beaudin was also assisted at the festival by Chef Jon and Chef Adam from SSA Group. 


For more highlights from the festival, including a special call out for Chef Matt’s desserts, read SFGATE’s story on the event here.