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Introducing Cinchio Solutions, A New Digital Offering for Hospitality Partners

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DENVER (2024) – SSA Ventures announces its newest offering, Cinchio Solutions, a software company that simplifies operations and delivers a world-class guest experience through its enterprise platform. Its products drive revenue and growth for cultural attractions and the larger hospitality industry.

Cinchio Solutions offers a digital platform that can help operators simplify their day-to-day operations in the hospitality industry and increase margins. Its platform helps to unlock insights across all platforms, alleviate staffing pressures and reduce guest friction.  

Cinchio Solutions is a subsidiary of SSA Ventures which is focused on investment in the future of hospitality. SSA Ventures was born out of over 50 years of operational partnership from SSA Group with zoos, museums and aquariums across the United States.  

This new entity is 100% focused on digital innovation and solutions. Cinchio Solutions can provide: 

  • Digital ordering solutions including mobile and kiosks with centralized menu management; 
  • Inventory management solutions to help reduce waste and provide real-time insights; 
  • Payment solutions and cash management reporting that may simplify accounting tasks and potentially deliver better margins; 
  • Consolidated data reporting for all business verticals with customized reporting tools; and 
  • Customizations to meet your specific needs. 

“We believe that Cinchio can harmonize the data within hospitality, optimize software that improves the guest experience and create the personalized experiences we all now expect when we visit the locations and attractions we love,” said Ben Dunton, mManaging dDirector, Cinchio Solutions.

“We’ve invested in digital platforms and offerings like Cinchio Solutions because we are committed to transforming the future of an overall guest experience,” said Sean McNicholas, CEO of SSA Group. “A digital platform and continued innovation will allow us to improve food service and transform our space, like delivering an immersive experience for guests.”  


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About Cinchio  

Cinchio Solutions is a technology company that is transforming the hospitality industry. Their Enterprise Digital Platform allows operators to alleviate staffing pressure and increase margins through streamlined kitchen operations, simplified back of house operations, and unified data insights. Cinchio reduces administrative work so you can focus on what matters. Delight your guests and your operations team with its open integration platform.

About SSA Group 

SSA Group partners with cultural attractions across the United States to maximize their mission and streamline the guest experience across exquisite food services, guest-centric retail, and smart admissions. SSA makes visits to cultural attractions easier for more than 20 million families per year. With focuses like sustainability, technology and people, SSA Group brings products you can feel good about, smart technology to create efficiencies and friendly staff to each guests visit. Built by families, for families, SSA Group is a family-owned business headquartered in Denver, CO. To learn more visit: 

About SSA Ventures  

SSA Ventures is a forward-focused collective of companies dedicated to revolutionizing the digital, human, and product landscape of hospitality and the guest experience.  

Derived from a legacy of excellence and bolstered by 11,000 dedicated employees enriching cultural attractions nationwide, we recognize hospitality's profound influence. Guided by SSA Group, we approach hospitality with ceaseless curiosity, forging into uncharted realms of knowledge and understanding. To learn more about SSA Ventures, visit