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Meet Our Partner: Me O My Earth

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Visiting cultural attractions and creating memories is what parents hope for. Finding the perfect memento or gift for children is an extra benefit, particularly one that is meaningful and good for the world.

SSA Group is committed to bringing restorative products and exciting retail offerings to guests across the country. Its partnership with Me O My Earth started in 2022, starting with the Los Angeles Zoo and has now expanded to offering these sustainable products at 28 zoos, museums and aquariums.

Carolyn Eichelman and Janet Schoenborn co-founders of Me O My Earth, a women-owned small business, have been working in the infant and toddler business for many years and felt there was a need for a well-made eco-friendly product that gives back.penguin and red panda-1

From the beginning, Me O My Earth has wanted to create a line of products that moms would feel good about buying. “I made a connection to animals at a young age by visiting the Brookfield Zoo. Nature and the natural world have always been a part of my life and I wanted to create a brand where I could share that passion and give back.”

Me O My Earth has committed to donating 1% of their sales to organizations that protect endangered species in the wild, one is The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa. The Care for Wild rescues orphaned rhinos whose mothers sadly have been poached. The infant rhinos are raised with other rhinos at the sanctuary and in most cases released back into the wild. In 2024 they are contributing to The Red Panda Network.

“Much of our focus now is creating product lines that raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and protecting all living things. Like most parents we want to teach our children ways they can make a difference no matter how small. After all, we are raising the future stewards of the planet. Our goal is to make a parent’s purchasing decision easier when visiting a cultural location.”

Me O My Earth created its own unique blend of organic cotton, polyester made from recycled bottles and spandex, which is super soft for infants and toddlers. Each garment is labeled with the number of bottles that have been repurposed.

In our partnership with SSA, we also offer our new category of 100% recycled polyester plush “lovies” that highlight animals and the foods they love, for Spring 2024.

penguin blanket openCarolyn says “Education is part of our brand messaging. Children start learning at a very early age through play, our goal is for them to make a connection to these animals and what they need to thrive, whether it be the food they eat or where they live. For example, our plush lovies offer: a rhino and a leaf security blanket, or a penguin with a fish blanket. Using toys to teach young children about animals' main sources of food and where they live is a hands-on approach that can make learning engaging and memorable for young children, much like a trip to a zoo. In addition, it can also help them develop an appreciation for the natural world and the needs of different animals."

“Guests love our animal kingdom print which is a combination of many of the zoos favorite animals along with our giraffe bodysuit ‘Be Extraordinary.’ All our artwork is done by local artists," said Carolyn. “Our partnership with SSA has helped us continue to grow and scale. We have the same values and I love the SSA commitment to sustainability.”